Adam Burch

University of PittsburghApplied Mathematics and Physics, SeniorMentor: Bard Ermentrout, Mathematics, PittProject: Examining Assembly Formation in Inhibitory Networks

Anne Clark

Harvey Mudd CollegeMathematical and Comp Bio, JuniorMentor: Roni Rosenfeld, Computer Science, CMUProject: Reconstructing the daily incidence of infectious disease: Improved inference through the combination of multiple data streams

Katie Cunningham

University of ArizonaComputer Science/MCB, SeniorMentor: Takis Benos, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject:Clusters Upon Clusters: PDM and Genetic Regulators

Rebecca Miller

Rhodes CollegePhysics and Biology, SeniorMentor: Sean Xie, Pharmaceutical Sciences/Drug Discovery Institute, PittProject: Data Mining for Medically Significant Proteins and Homology Modeling for Protein Kinase D1

Nwamaka Onyeozil

Florida A&M UniversityChemistry, SeniorMentor: Michael Grabe, Biological Sciences, PittProject: Determining the binding affinity of Toxoplasma ROP proteins to a membrane using free energy calculations

Edwin Rosado Olivieri

University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasMathematics, JuniorMentor: Carlos Camacho, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject: Characterizing druggable sites in protein-protein interactions

Cassandra Schaening

University of Puerto Rico, Rio PiedrasBiology, JuniorMentor: Bino John, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject: Characterization of Novel Small RNAs in Prostate Cancer

Robert Seay

Clemson UniversityComputer Science & Mathematics, SeniorMentor: Jim Faeder, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject: Using BioNetGen to Model Simplified DNA Processes

Joseph Seemiller

University of ScrantonNeuroscience, JuniorMentor: Lillian Chong, Chemistry, PittProject: Comparing the ease of unfolding ubiquitin and titin by localized expansion and compression using molecular dynamics simulations

Carsen Stringer

The University of PittsburghApplied Mathematics and PhysicsMentor: Dan Zuckerman, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject: Equilibrium Sampling with the Weighted Ensemble Algorithm

Luke Tedesco

Brown UniversityBiomechanial Engineering, JuniorMentor: Michael Sacks, Bioengineering, PittProject: Characterization of Bovine Mitral Valve Remodeling During Pregnancy

Breana Watkins

Tuskegee UniversityChemical Engineering, SeniorMentor: Chakra Chennubhotla, Computational & Systems Biology, PittProject: Image-Based Texture Analysis Algorithms for Picking Cryo-EM Particles