John Degnan

San Jose State University

Biochemistry, Senior

Mentor: Michael Sacks, Bioengineering, Pitt
Project: The Effects of Persistent Cyclic Tension on Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Adriana Diaz

University of Puerto Rico at Cayey

Biology, Senior

Mentor: Gabriela Mustata, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: In-Silico Inhibitor Design for β-Catenin/BCL9

Berquin Feese

William Carey University

Chemistry, Senior

Mentor: Billy Day, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Chemistry, Pitt
Project: Computational Modeling of Cytoplasmic Dynein Heavy Chain 1 Motor Domain and Binding Sites of Potential Inhibitors

Amanda Fisher

Rochester Institute of Technology

Biochemistry, Junior

Mentor: Jeffrey Madura, Chemistry & Biochemistry and the Center for Computational Sciences, Duquesne

Project: Comparing Experimental Computed Free Energy of Protein/Substrate Complexes

Jonathon Gibbons

Duquesne University

Chemistry, Senior

Mentor: Ivet Bahar/Chakra Chennubholta, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt
Project: Investigation of the dopamine active transporter: A study in the motion and communication stochastics of transporter proteins in the neurotransmitter sodium symporter family

Hilary Katz

Mount Holyoke College

Neuroscience and Behavior, Junior

Mentor: Chakra Chennubholta, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: A Model to Generate Synthetic Neural Images for Testing Digital Reconstruction Tools

Michelle Li

Amherst College

Mathematics, Junior

Mentor: Pei Tang, Structural Biology, Pitt

Project: Action of Low-affinity Drugs on Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors

Ahsan Mir

University of Miami

Biology and Mathematics, Senior

Mentor: Elodie Ghedin, Computational & Systems Biology. Pitt

Project: Endogenous non-retroviral RNA virus elements in nematode genomes

Yagmur Muftuoglu

Johns Hopkins University

Biophysics & Chemical Biomolecular Engineering

Mentor: Gabriela Mustata, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Pharmacophore Modeling Strategies for the Development of Novel Nonsteroidal Inhibitors of Human Aromatase (CYP19)

Kimberly Schneider

Carlow University

Biology/Chemistry, Junior

Mentor: Sandra Murray, Cell Biology and Physiology, Pitt

Project: Modeling Dynamics of gap junction internalization

Aaron Seckar

Saint Vincent College

Bioinformatics, Junior

Mentor: Madhavi Ganapathiraju, Biomedical Informatics and Intelligent System, Pitt
Project: Finding associations between protein-annotations in the context of protein-protein interactions

Dena Stanley

The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey

Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, Junior

Mentor: Bino John, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt

Project: Studying temporal and spatial cellular expression patterns of RNAs differentially expressed in human breast cancer

Benjamin Zeldes

University of Pittsburgh

Bioengineering/Engineering, Senior

Mentor: Carlos Camacho, Computational & Systems Biology, Pitt
Project: De novo prediction of the DNA binding Interface of tandem repeats of TAL Type III effectors