Research Mentors

Institution and Department

Research Focus

Takis Benos

Pitt – Computational Biology

Integration and causal modeling of multi-modal biomedical data.

Nathan Clark

Pitt – Computational Biology

Studying coevolutionary genetic signatures to infer novel interactions & functional genomic changes.

Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis

Pitt – Computational Biology

My research aims at understanding the molecular mechanisms of change and innovation by examining systems biology in the light of evolution and evolution in the light of systems biology.

Vaughn Cooper

Pitt – Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

 Studying the evolution, ecology, and genome dynamics of experimental and clinical microbial populations.

Dennis Kostka

Pitt – Developmental Biology

Computational genomics with a focus on development and cellular differentiation, and single cell RNA sequencing.

Miler Lee

Pitt – Biological Sciences

 Gene regulation during early development and cellular reprogramming; comparative genomics.

Mark Rebeiz

Pitt – Biological Sciences

Studying how morphology (size, shape, color, form) evolves in the animal world utilizing tools of classical developmental biology, as well as genetics, evolution, genomics, and bioinformatics.

Roni Rosenfeld

CMU – Computer Science, Machine Learning, and The Language Technology Institute

Using growing databases of viral sequences to build descriptive and generative models of viral molecular evolution.  Modeling the evolution of Influenza.

John Shaffer

Pitt – Human Genetics

Statistical and bioinformatics approaches to gene-mapping complex phenotypes.

Leming Zhou

Pitt – Health Information Management

Agent-based, equation-based, and statistical modeling of cardiovascular disease; comparative genomics and its applications in personalized medicine.