Research Mentors

Institution and Department

Research Focus

Chakra Chennubhotla

Pitt – Computational Biology

Research in spatial tumor biology and computational pathology.

Sandra Murray

Pitt – Cell Biology and Physiology

Role of gap junctions and cell-to-cell communication in endocrine cell proliferation, migration, differentiation, and hormone production using time-lapse video microscopy, transmission immuno-electron microscopy, and molecular biological techniques

Shikhar Uttam

Pitt – Computational Biology

Learning intra-tumor heterogeneity in compressed domains: an information theoretic perspective.

Ian Sigal

Pitt – Ophthalmology

Computational and experimental methods to understand the biomechanics of the eye and soft tissue remodeling.

Ben Van Houten

Pitt – Pharmacology and Chemical Biology

The formation and repair of DNA damage in nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, with particular interest in the structure and function of proteins that mediate nucleotide excision repair.

Art Wetzel

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Image processing and large data handling, 10s of TBytes, for neural circuit reconstruction from optical and electron microscopy. This work involves both biological analysis and computational program development.