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What is the schedule of events for the program?

Students will be matched with their mentors prior to the start of the program, so their research can begin when they arrive.  Introductory classes and workshop sessions will be held in the mornings for roughly the first two weeks.  Students will write a research proposal to help plan and organize their summer projects.  On a weekly basis, students will attend a research and career seminar series and a journal club, both tailored for the TECBio program.  Various social events and tours will be sprinkled in throughout the program.  At the end of the program, students will present their work orally in a departmental symposium and in poster form at a Pittsburgh-wide summer research symposium.


How will my mentor be assigned?

Students will select their top three choices for research mentors in the application form.  In most cases, students will be matched with one of their top three choices.


How many mentors will I have to choose from?

We have over 35 mentors from various departments at the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, Duquesne University, and the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center – all of which are within a 1.5 mile radius.


What are the directors’ and mentors’ expectations of TECBio REU students?

We expect our students to be motivated to tackle their research questions, while maintaining a balance between their other programmatic responsibilities and their explorations of Pittsburgh.


What can I expect from my TECBio experience?

TECBio students will work on their own primary research problem in a cutting-edge field of science by leading scientists in the field.  Didactic components of the program will introduce students to the basic tenets and tools used in computational biology.  Scientific writing and presenting, graduate school preparation, ethics training, and other professional development topics also play a central role in our program.  At the completion of the program, students will have a first-hand appreciation of the rigors of graduate school, for which they will be well prepared to tackle.


Will I have a chance to serve as a mentor?

During the summer, our department also hosts a summer academy for high school scholars, called DiSCoBio (Drug Discovery, Systems and Computational Biology).  TECBio students are often viewed as role models by these scholars.  If students desire, they will have the opportunity to serve as advisees for our high school scholars as they make their preparations for the starts of their undergraduate careers.