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What are the academic backgrounds of TECBio Students?

Our students come from a variety of STEM backgrounds, in the life, physical, and computer sciences and many realms of engineering, including: biochemistry, bioengineering, bioinformatics, biology, biophysics, chemistry, computational biology, computer science, emergent properties, mathematics/applied mathematics , neuroscience, physics, and statistics.  Given the interdisciplinary nature of the work, about one third or our students are double majors.


What is a common feature of successful applicants?

We are looking for highly-motivated, mature, and balanced students who are interested in an immersive research experience in computational biology.


Will my travel costs be paid for?

We will reimburse the costs of your travel by car (per mileage), plane, train, spaceship, bus, taxi, teleportation, etc. up to an amount of $400.  The Pittsburgh airport is 20 miles from the Pitt campus and is easily accessible by bus or shuttle.


Your REU program starts towards the end of May, but my university's final exams aren't until June. Can I start the program late and make up the work that I missed afterwards?

Unfortunately, due to limited flexibility in scheduling the housing, symposia, and other programmatic concerns, we are unable to change the dates for our program. While it is not ideal, we will still consider students who will miss a week or less of the program. For students who may have to take finals during the end of May/early June, we can offer to proctor your final exam(s) while you are here at Pitt.