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TECBio: "Simulation and Visualization of Biological Systems at Multiple Scales" is an NSF-funded, 10-week, summer, REU program that provides a challenging graduate-level research experience in computational biology. In addition to performing cutting-edge research, TECBio students will also participate in other academic activities, such as classes, seminars, and discussions, while experiencing the various social and cultural activities available in Pittsburgh - America's most livable city.




TECBio REU @ Pitt News

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Alex Andonian presents at the 2016 REU Symposium (read more)


Elisa Idrobo presents at the American Chemical Society (read more)


Congrats to Dr. Jeffry Madura for winning this year's TOMY award! Each year, our students nominate an Outstanding Mentor for the summer. Remy and Karla both nominated Dr. Madura for the award.


Thanks for a great summer, TECBio 2016!! (Bryce Aidukaitis, Alex Andonian, Teressa Chambers, Kirsten Endressen, Elisa Idrobo, Jessica LeClair, Alexander Lora-Lozada, Tammy Ma, Tatiana Ortiz-Serrano, Stephen Provencher, Karla Robles, Darex Vera-Rodriguez, Remy Yovanno, and Kliment Ziko)


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